We will take a detailed subjective assessment followed by a thorough objective assessment which includes a movement screen, range of motion and strength testing. On your first consultation, you will also get manual treatment and we will give you an exercise program to get started on. This session is 1 hour so we ensure we have the time to provide this thorough service. A treatment plan will also be outlined, with some idea of how many sessions are needed and the frequency of these sessions.

We usually suggest that if you would like to be seen for more than one injury, then an extended follow up is advisable, so that we have sufficient time to help you for both injuries. Additionally, if you just feel that you would like the extra time for your injury, then please discuss this with your physiotherapist.

If you have any referral letters from your GP or consultant then please bring these with you. This includes any imaging reports (MRI, X-ray). Reports are preferable but X-ray images are also fine to bring along.

Please bring or wear loose clothing which would be appropriate for assessment of your injury. We will get you moving. Generally if it is an upper body injury, then a vest would be ideal and for the lower body, a pair of shorts would be suitable.

Yes Peak Physiotherapy is currently registered with Cigna, AXA and WPA. You will need to provide your membership number and authorisation numbers where appropriate.

We are still awaiting Bupa to reopen their application portal for registration. As soon as we are registered with Bupa we will update you here.